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Advanced Mineral Recovery Technologies, (AMRT Ltd.) provides an innovative, economic solution to environmental challenges posed by waste from mining and smelting of metals. The patent-pending AMRT Process is able to recover valuable metals from materials that are currently dumped. The waste materials are processed to harvest the commodity metals and the potentially-hazardous waste is rendered environmentally safe. The AMRT Process can also be applied to raw ore materials and provides a smaller scale and more efficient alternative smelting process.
AMRT's propriety technology is the culmination of over a decade’s work by our metallurgists and engineers and the company is supported by several environmentally-minded entrepreneurs from across the globe.


The AMRT’s Process technology is patent-pending and potentially disruptive. The patents pending cover both the analytical methodology that allows accurate theoretic assessments on paper of the best “recipe” for a wide range of feed stocks and products, as well as the software and hardware needed to achieve the predicted yields and operating margins in physical production.

Market Segments: AMRT is engaged in the business of Environmental Cleanup of Mineral Fines from hazardous waste sites.  The AMRT technology is useful in the beneficiation of ores and concentrates, both oxides and sulfides.  The technology can also provide smelter services for smaller resource bases, especially in remote locations.  In each case, undervalued (or, in fact, cost-consuming) assets are converted into valuable commodity minerals and metals. The company will also participate in mineral-reclamation and waste-processing projects in locations around the world. 

AMRT has demonstrated the ability to efficiently process a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including lead and zinc sulfides, copper, zinc oxides, ferrotitanium, cobalt, nickel, ferromanganese, and precious metal bearing wastes.  Remarkably, this combination methodology can directly and safely process mineral “fines” or dust without risk of explosion or need for preprocessing, and achieves operating cost and product yields at a 1-10 MVA furnace size that are superior to much larger and more complex furnaces.  

    Representative case studies


    Zinc and lead oxide and sulphides





Short profile: AMRT was established in order to pursue the opportunities presented by its unique patented software, utilized in conjunction with standard electric arc furnace technology.   The last years, over 3,000 melts have been successfully performed on a wide range of materials with negligible operational downtime.


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