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Ancillary processes and procedures associated with AMRT’s furnace operations

Sometimes it is necessary to convert at least one of the molten products generated in the melt reduction furnace directly into forms that are suited to the next stage of their further processing. For example, fast granulation, using a high-speed mixture of air and water, of product metal converts it into a form that is amenable to hydrometallurgical treatment. When applied to certain slags, fast granulation produces either grit or fibre; grit for cement and/or civil structure manufacture, fibre for insulation and fibre-glass applications.  Examples of recent fibre producing developments are: 

(i)         Red mud – the molten slag derived therefrom

(ii)     Zinc/lead slag dump and sulphide concentrate materials ex Sometra, Copsa Mica – the molten slags derived therefrom

The pre-concentration of ores and/or discarded materials prior to smelting in the melt reduction furnace, using mainly in-house developed technologies such as high intensity froth flotation, magnetic and electrostatic separation, also falls into the AMRT ambit of operations. All these projects are currently being incorporated into a separate Research and Development company, which already is developing a strong working relationship with Dr Panias of the Technical University of Athens.

Examples of other areas being investigated for expanding AMRT technology are: 

(i)        The environmentally-friendly smelting of sulphide concentrates where no sulphur dioxide or carbon dioxide is evolved. 

(iii)         The potential of using either marine or land-based biomass ‘farms’ which possess fast growing organisms and flora containing the catalytic component, namely chlorophyll, which is necessary for converting carbon dioxide, present in melt reduction furnace off gases, into more biomass and, of course, oxygen.

Examples of materials that have been produced by or processed in AMRT’s melt reduction furnaces are:





Zinc and lead oxide and sulphides




Precious metal-bearing wastes

Ancillary processes and procedures associated with AMRT’s furnace operations

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